BMU Wireless System

Product Details

BMU / Gondola / Cradle Wireless Radio Transmission System
We believe in challenging the status quo by way of innovation with our unique long range uninterrupted "Wireless Radio Signal Transmission System" capabilities at very low costs.
The challenges faced by Clients for the BMU / Gondola / Facade Access / Cradle Maintenance / Cradle Repair especially in Tall Buildings is immense when it comes to the costs involved in doing so.

Such BMU’s / Gondola’s / Facade Access's / Cradle’s either use Conductor Cables housed within the hoist wire rope or a wireless transmission system, which are mostly either:
    1)   Line Of Sight (LOS)
    2)   Have limited range
    3)   Not appropriately designed to avoid signal interference from other radio signals around with probably same frequencies
    4)   Pretty expensive to buy & maintain.

Our immense experience in this field has enabled us to research further to try and find solutions for such issues.

The good news is after about 3-4 years of research, we at AACME, have designed our own BMU / Gondola / Facade Access / BMU Wireless Radio Transmission System, which is capable of overcoming all & more of the above mentioned problems, to provide a steady model of signal transmission, thereby ensuring both Quality & Safety of personnel, including reducing maintenance costs by around 60%.