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BMU / Gondola / Cradle Wireless Radio Transmission System

The challenges faced by Clients for the BMU / Gondola / Facade Access / Cradle Maintenance & BMU / Cradle Repair especially in Tall Buildings is immense when it comes to the costs involved in doing so.

Such BMU’s / Gondola’s / Facade Access's / Cradle’s either use Conductor Cables housed within the hoist wire rope or a wireless transmission system, which are mostly either:

     1)   Line Of Sight (LOS)

     2)   Have limited range

     3)   Not appropriately designed to avoid signal interference from other radio signals around with probably same frequencies

     4)   Pretty expensive to buy & maintain.

Our immense experience in this field has enabled us to research further to try and find solutions for such issues.

The good news is after about 3-4 years of research, we at AACME, have designed our own BMU / Gondola / Facade Access / Cradle Wireless Radio Transmission System, which is capable of overcoming all & more of the above mentioned problems, to provide a model of signal transmission, thereby ensuring both Quality & Safety of personnel, including reducing of maintenance costs by over 60%.